Pastor David W. Schweppe -
Advocate for Families Affected by the Autism Spectrum

Schweppe has experienced first hand the difficulties parents face when dealing with the needs of a child on the autism spectrum. Since his son was diagnosed in 2005, Schweppe has had training as a parent advocate and has helped numerous parents work with their children's teachers and school administrators.

Schweppe is also a co-organizer of a very successful weekend camp for families affected by ASD. That camp was held for the first time last summer (2015) at Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center in Oregon, Illinois. 

If you need a parent advocate, or if you just need to talk, contact David Schweppe at 309-299-2790 or email him at Initial services are offered pro bono. Coaching sessions, meeting with school officials on your child's behalf, and other more detailed work are currently offered for a modest fee plus traveling expenses. 

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