Pastor David W. Schweppe -
Stories of a Lifetime Ago
By David Schweppe


My name is David. I am but a spec of nothingness in the grand scheme of things. This is true. Think about it for a moment. When someone asks you what your physical address is, where you reside, that address is more than a street number or post box number. It is more than the town or the county or the state or the province you live in. It is also more than the country you live in or the continent you live on. If you are honest, truly honest, then your address must include the planet you reside on, the solar system, the galaxy, the group of galaxies, the universe, and then the mind of whatever, whoever, started it all. When I am honest, really honest with myself, then this is my address: name, street, county, state, country, continent, planet, solar system, galaxy, galaxy group, the universe, the mind of god? So, yes, indeed, in the grand scheme of things, I am insignificant, totally, thoroughly insignificant. I am nothing. I am but a spec upon a spec of dust circling a small, insignificant flame of light that dwells within a collection of flames of light which in turn light a small, a very small piece of cosmic real estate in the midst of a very, very dark night. I am insignificant.

And yet it is also true that I am more than a spec of nothingness. I am everything and all things, a universe within the universe. What you see of me is but the outward surface of an amazing universe consisting of millions, nay, billions, perhaps trillions of other universes. My body is made up of interconnecting systems which are made up of interconnecting organs and other various parts which in turn are made up of interconnecting cells which in their turn are made up of interconnecting cellular parts which in turn are made up of interconnecting molecules creating those parts. But it goes even deeper than that. Those molecules are a combination of interconnected atoms which in turn are made up of interconnected parts which in turn are made up of their own interconnected bits and pieces which in turn…. You get the picture, don’t you? I am a universe of universes all living and breathing and interacting with one another under one roof called the human body. So, from this angle I am not insignificant, but Significance itself.

Insignificant and yet Significance. An insignificant piece of nothingness within a universe and yet the Universe itself. I am the connection between the two, the interaction between the macroscopic and the microscopic. I am at the center of things. I am the convergence point. I must be the convergence point, for how else can I can know both sides of the equation?

And yet, so are you. You also are the insignificant and the Significance. You also are at the intersection of macroscopic and the microscopic. You are at the center of things, the convergence point. But how can this be? How can you and I both be the convergent point? And when we consider all the other people and living things around us – they, too, being their own convergence point, how can convergence happen at an infinite number of points and through the wide array that is space and time?

Nevertheless, here we are. You and I. Interacting with one another – you listening to my story and I sharing that story with you. By this interaction with one another we lift each other out of the abyss of insignificance and arise to something more. We are transformed into something new. We are indeed simply specs of insignificance, but we are joined together as water molecules join together to form a river which, along with other rivers, goes on to create the oceans. It is in that joining that perhaps, just perhaps, we gain our significance in the lives, through the lives, of one another.

And so, given this, I am the story of a lifetime of stories gravitating toward one another, accelerating toward one another, interacting, reacting, responding, reflecting, converging upon one another. It is this story that I share with you now, a story created by a multitude of stories, a story that in its telling becomes a part of your story as well.

(This is the beginning of the first chapter of my book, "Stories of a Lifetime Ago." I encourage you to come once a week to this webpage as I add to this story. I also invite you to share your thoughts and opinions by sending me an email at And, if you like what you are reading, encourage others to come to this site and read what I am writing. Thanks.)

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